VPN Keys – There Is An Easier Way

As a security engineer that manages multiple firewalls, I often negotiate the setup of VPNs with other organizations. It is a challenge, at times, to negotiate keying intervals and secure cipher settings between not so compatible firewall/VPN vendors; but the most difficult challenge has to do with the people factor: the Pre-Shared Key (PSK), also …

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Password Managers

One of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself online is to use a unique, strong password for every one of your accounts and apps. Unfortunately, it is most likely impossible for you to remember all your different passwords for all your different accounts. This is why so many people reuse the …

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RC4 Servers are Breaking the World Wide Web

With all the news over the last year about secure websites falling victim to serious encryption vulnerabilities, I sit here in disbelief that one very critical vulnerability has seemingly slipped through the cracks. I’m speaking of the RC4 encryption cipher. ATTENTION WEB SERVER ADMINISTRATORS: I’M TALKING TO YOU!!

Your 2015 Security Check List

Now that we are almost one-sixth of the way through the year, many of us have probably abandoned some the many great ideas to better ourselves. So, I encourage you to make just one more resolution that you cannot afford to put on the back burner. If you neglect your security, it could lead you …

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E-mail Dos and Don’ts

Email has become one of the primary ways we communicate in our personal and professional lives. However, we can often be our own worst enemy when using it. In this newsletter from the SANS Institute, we will learn the most common mistakes people make and how you can avoid them in our day-to-day lives. SANS Ouch! …

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A More Secure Password

Password hacks are becoming more common as people’s online accounts contain more sensitive personal data. Even big, trusted sites are suffering password breaches in the recently. And because most people reuse their passwords, it becomes more likely that a password hacked on one site can open accounts on other sites. Here are some tips to …

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Protecting Your Kids Online

We all want the best for our children, including the ability to leverage technology. However, with technology come risks, risks that our children are often not aware of or prepared to deal with. As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure our children understand these risks and how to protect themselves. But this can be …

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